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Henna By Haaria

Zenith Red Henna Sticker

Zenith Red Henna Sticker

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These henna tattoos are made of non-toxic and waterproof material, suitable for people over 6 years old, and can be applied anywhere on your body.

Easy to Use: Follow the usage method, it can be pasted in one minute and be easily removed by rubbing baby oil.



1. Cut out the selected pattern.

2. Remove the transparent film from the surface.

3.Put the patterned side down on the skin.

4. Tap with a damp cloth or spray water directly on the sticker.

5.After correctly pasting, wait for 8-9 seconds, wait for the sticker to dry naturally,and then tear it off.

6.There will be glue marks on the edges

after pasting.You can wait for the sticker to dry, Then gently pat with makeup powder or talcum powder,Make the pattern more natural

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